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Recruitment and training of foreign non-graduating participants

Foreign participants © ENSP

For nearly 40 years, the College has trained non-graduating participants from across the world.

Every year, ENSP welcomes senior officers from police forces in partner countries who want to access new functions of responsibility in their country of origin through a general training course oriented towards a two-year Master’s degree.

When it was introduced in 1958 this programme was mainly aimed at offering higher education to senior officers from police forces in French-speaking African countries after their independence. These non-graduating participants now come from much further afield. With the opening up of countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the College now trains senior police officers from all over the world - every year.

These non-graduating participants mostly follow the first year course for French police superintendents, following the same principle of phases of work/study alternating between on-the-job training and College courses. The comprehensive nature of their training gives them access to a two-year Master’s degree in domestic security. They also leave the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Police with a diploma at the end of their course. Under certain circumstances, these foreign French-speaking non-graduating participants may receive a grant from the French Government. They are recruited through competitive examinations organized by delegations of the international technical cooperation service of the French police force (SCTIP) in French embassies.

During the 2010-2011 academic year, 15 non-graduating participants from partner countries joined trainee superintendents in completing a long training cycle at ENSP.

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