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Reliving a joint investigation in the classroom

Published the 10 October 2013

From 23 to 27 September, 16 magistrates and 32 senior police officers from 25 EU member states, also from Iceland and Europol, gathered at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Police in Lyon, France. The aim: to explore the legal and operational aspects of successfully setting up and running a joint investigation teams.

This joint CEPOL/ EJTN joint training was built upon a scenario adapted from the “Justes Noces” case, a recent joint investigation which resulted in the dismantling of an illegal immigration network (organisation of sham marriages for irregular migrants).

14 experts shared their experience of JITS, judges, prosecutors, police officers and representatives from Eurojust and Europol who revived operational exchanges in coordination centres… the opportunity to highlight the legal and operational support of the two agencies. This realistic scenario and the workshops enabled a seamless and constructive transition from field operation to training, making the outcome of the seminar all the more practical and… beneficial for the participants.

"I learnt more than I had expected, by the presentation of real cases and personal contacts with justice representatives and police officers." - One participant from CEPOL
"In my current work I am already establishing JITs. However I now have a full understanding on how they are meant to operate." - One participant from EJTN

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