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Life at the College

The College is located in Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d’Or, a commune near Lyon, in France’s Rhône département. The property provided for ENSP by the State covers nearly 5 hectares. It consists of 16 buildings and annexes.

These include:

  • 168 bedrooms
  • 1 self-service cafeteria (seating 164) and 4 dining rooms (seating 120)
  • 15 rooms used for classes and practical work
  • 3 auditoriums
  • 2 IT rooms
  • 1 language laboratory
  • 1 decision-making simulation room
  • 1 criminal policing simulation room
  • 1 television stage set/audiovisual control room
  • 1 professional library
  • 1 shooting range
  • 2 dojos
  • 1 sports hall, 2 climbing walls, 1 weights room

The 4-hectare grounds also provide an opportunity for various outdoor activities.

L'Association de l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Police, a sports and recreation association, offers individual and collective leisure activities for trainees and staff. The Association runs the foyer-bar, a media library and a TV room in the College.

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