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Missions and organization

Under a Decree of 28 April 1988, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Police acquired the status of a State administration institution, and joined the ranks of the prestigious State administration Grandes Ecoles.

Administered by the Ministry of the Interior, Overseas and Overseas Territories, and under the authority of the Director General of the national police force, it has financial autonomy and is a legal entity in its own right.

The Board of Governors of the College sets its educational orientation and budget. Chaired by a senior member of the Council of State, the Board comprises:

  • 11 ex officio members, high-ranking officers in the national police force
  • 9 members appointed by the Minister of the Interior from senior officials in partner administrations and individuals with experience in security issues
  • 7 elected members representing employees, students and trainee superintendents

This status enables the College to be more responsive educationally and facilitates partnership.

The Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Police is headed up by Chief Inspector Hélène MARTINI, assisted by a director of training and research, Chief Superintendent Bernard VALEZY.

The Director of the College is responsible for:

  • the professional training department, which is responsible for all training courses for officers in the strategy and management branch
  • the preparatory, joint and international training department, which manages training courses for other branches of the national police force, administers the integrated preparatory course, the training of local elected officials and the two-year Master’s degree in domestic security, and coordinates the training of foreign trainees and non-graduating participants
  • the trainers’ unit
  • the advice/support/research department includes the legal information and advice centre and the professional documentation centre, and carries out research
  • the secretariat general manages all the human and physical resources necessary for training and cooperation activities

The communication and international relations services also fall under the authority of the Director of the College.

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