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Web accessibility

Published the 17 April 2009

What is Web Accessibility?

According to Tim Bernes-Lee (W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web), web accessibility is to:

Put the web and its services available to all individuals, whatever their hardware or software, network infrastructure, native language, culture, geographical location or their physical or mental.

A website is "accessible" when anyone can easily navigate using a browser and / or an aid.

Compliance standards

The XHTML code is compliant with XHTML specification 1.0. It is tested using the W3C HTML validator.
If despite our efforts, errors were detected following validations, we thank you for letting us know .

Structure and presentation

The layout of the site is separated from its content through the use of style sheets. Using CSS positioning properties, completely separating presentation and content, allows documents to stay in coherent order without CSS : title, content, menus ...


Quick links

Placed in the top, these links provide direct access to a given page (without having to wade through unwanted information):

  • link to go directly to page content
  • link to go directly to the sub-menu (if present)
  • link to the page giving accessibility policy (this page)
  • link to the sitemap
  • link to contact page

Tab navigation

You can navigate from one link to another using the Tab key (Press Tab and repeat until you select the desired link, confirm by pressing Enter).


The breadcrumb enables you to navigate up (towards the root page) and have an understanding of where you are in relation to the rest of the site.


The logo enables you by a simple click to return to the home page.
The link "Top" (at the bottom of page) allows, as its name suggests, to return to the top of the page. Le logo permet par un simple clic de retourner sur la page d'accueil.

Adjust text size / page

To allow users to modify the site layout, and especially the size of the characters, the layout is based on the use of relative units. Thus, the size of the text / page can be enlarged:

With most browsers: Ctrl + mouse wheel
Ctrl+ to increase the font size and Ctrl- to decrease it.

On older versions of Internet Explorer 7: in the menu bar at the top of your browser, go to View> Text Size and choose the size you need.


When printing a page, all elements of site navigation will be hidden so that you can print only the useful content of your information. On all browsers in the menu bar at the top of your browser , go to File> Print.

Reading pdf documents

You will find the site of downloadable documents in pdf format.

If you do not have "Acrobat Reader", you can download from Adobe website .

You can also convert pdf documents into html pages using the conventional online conversion tools of Adobe .

Then you copy the address of your pdf file (on Mozilla Firefox, right click on the file and then "Copy Link Location", Internet Explorer right click on the file and "Copy Shortcut") and paste it into the field provided for this purpose.

Depending on the complexity of the pdf document, conversion results obtained can be more or less satisfactory.

Add this site to your "Favorites"

In the menu bar at the top of the browser:

  • Internet Explorer : Favorites> Add to Favorites
  • Mozilla firefox: Bookmarks> Bookmark this page
  • Safari : Bookmarks> Bookmark
  • Opera : Bookmarks> Bookmark to this page

You have problems viewing this site: we thank you for letting us know .

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